Amy and Jade keeping out of the cold today!

Amy and Jade keeping out of the cold today!  

2nd Place for Bertie and Hannah

2nd Place for Bertie and Hannah, not bad going for their first competition together!  

Couple of hours Hunting

Good morning early in the season for Lou riding Dolly and Nick on Grace

Evening Show Jumping at Colraine

Well done team !!! Boy a First and third ! And Clemmie 3rd ! Thank you Billie as  warm up Jockey !

Three Waters ODE

Congratulations to Jade on Zennor and Amy riding Winston today, especially to Amy  for coming 6th in only their second ODE! Photos are Amy and Crunchie strutting their stuff in the Dressage warm up, and Jade and Zennor eating up the XC.

Dressage and Trec fun Competition

Well everyone did a super job, in miserable weather today! Didn’t let it dampen your spirits at all. Well done all.

Another win!

Well done Jade and Jazz, another win under the belt.

NVQ Success!

Congratulations Josh and Chloe for passing your NVQs, and thanks to Jade.  

Hot day today!

A very hot day today, but lovely in our cool woods!

Threewaters Show

As well as the Horseback Archery this weekend, Jade and Lou went to the Threewaters Show, Lou winning her class with the stunning James, and Jade winning her class, and then going on to win the Championship. Well done Team Old Mill!