ABRS Progressive Rider Tests have been specifically designed to provide a logical

and progressive system of training. They give adult and child riders a structured

programme of realistic stepping stones to achieve their equestrian goals both in the

saddle and on the ground. The Tests can also be adapted as necessary to suit

riders with a disability.

Introductory Tests

Tests A to E in Equitation and Stable Management provide a very gentle introduction

for young children or nervous riders.

Equitation Tests

Candidates begin with Equitation Test 1 of the ABRS Progressive Rider Tests, which

encompasses the most basic aspects of learning to ride and may progress through to

Equitation Test 10, which includes lateral work and riding a dressage test. Jumping

is not mandatory; alternative sections are available for those opting not to jump.

Stable Management Tests

These Tests are designed to enhance knowledge of horse care and management.

Tests 1 to 10 cover the key aspects of looking after a horse. The Tests provide

invaluable know-how and confidence for parents of horse-mad children who are

beginning to feel a little out of their depth when they are roped in to help out with a


A formal certificate is awarded for every Test.

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Work based Horse Care and Riding Diplomas

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