Horseback Archery

Old Mill Final Green and whiteWe are the only Stables in the South West, and one of three in the country that offers ‘Mounted Archery’, or Horseback Archery lessons. We are affiliated to the British Horseback Archery Association.

What is Horseback Archery?

Horseback archery traditionally and historically originates from the people of the Steppe region, i.e. Mongols, Partians, Turks, Sythians, Sarmatians and Huns. It was predominantly used for warfare. The military art later turned into an equestrian sport but was only really practised by a handful of people in countries such as Korea and Japan where their traditions lived on. In Europe the sport was brought to life by the Hungarian, Kassai Lajos. As a result of his dedication to the sport it has become popular in many countries including Hungary, Germany, Poland, France, Greece and Sweden. Horseback archery, is the art of riding a horse in canter or gallop, without holding on with your hands and shooting a series of targets with a bow and arrows.

Why have I not heard much about it?

This is because it is still a very young sport in the UK, but there is a group of Horseback archers, including our Instructor, Oisin Curtis, who are trying to raise the profile and awareness about this fun sport. For more information see the British Horseback Archery Association

Who can do it?

Anyone!! Seriously, if you are willing to learn and train hard, anything is possible! It’s even possible for absolute beginners to both archery and riding.